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As a respected authority on food and nutrition, I have reached millions of consumers through appearances on national television, including Today Show, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. I share my expertise and opinions on nutrition topics related to policy, food trends, and current events.

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I have been quoted in articles published in these media outlets:

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Spokesperson Projects

I love helping companies get their important food and nutrition messages across to consumers with impact. I believe the winning “recipe” for successful spokesperson projects is 1 part information, 1 part inspiration, and 1 part fun! I have worked with dozens of companies on TV segments, video projects, recipe development, social media, booth appearances, multi-city national media tours, satellite media tours, and more.

On the set of Let's Talk Live D.C.

On the set of Let’s Talk Live D.C.

I enjoy partnering with the best companies that care about sharing science-based information and communicating honestly with consumers.

Please contact me for availability, rates, and a detailed description of the services offered for all spokesperson and consulting opportunities.

Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RD, LD
Registered Dietitian
ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist
(202) 375-8942


Spokesperson TV Clips

I’m a regular guest contributor on television stations in D.C. and Baltimore. There are at least two opportunities each month for companies to participate in a segment. I will work with you on all the logistics needed to carry out a successful media appearance, including the segment theme, messages, and food demonstration.

Video Projects

I have been honored to work with some wonderful companies on consumer education and corporate wellness video projects. My unique writing and professional speaking talents allow me to provide comprehensive services to clients on video projects. From scripting to recipe development to food styling and serving as the on-camera talent, I can help your next video project reach your customers with impact.

Lean on LambLean on Lamb
I love lean and nutrient rich lamb. I was thrilled to partner with Tri Lamb Group to create easy, delicious, and healthy recipes. Check out the videos and recipes.

Soyfoods Association of North America

In this video series, I scripted and served as on-camera talent to help SANA deliver compelling messages about the benefits of soyfoods for target audiences, including elite athlete,  energetic kids, active adults, and aging Americans.


This corporate wellness video series launches Allstate’s “Destination You” program to their 30,000+ employees. I scripted the video series and served as the on camera talent for theme such as nutritious and fast family meals, eating right on a budget, and strategic snacking.

Recipe Development

My creative juices come alive when I am in the kitchen whipping up delicious and healthy recipes for company clients. I will work with you on recipe themes, preparation requirements, ingredients, food allergies, nutrition analysis, recipe testing, and food photography.

I wrote a 5 day menu and created 6 new recipes using Cabot cheddar and yogurt. Check out the menu “Running for Health.”

Lean on Lamb
Lean on Lamb

Ginger Wasabi Marinated Lamb Chops with Stir Fried Veggies

Easy Lamb Korma with Vegetables and Coconut Quinoa


When Mazola needed heart healthy, family friendly recipes, I was thrilled to deliver.

How does zesty slow cooker chili and sloppy joes sound (made with five vegetables)? or what about baked Parmesan zucchini “fries”, and sweet and tangy fattoush salad!

These recipes met specific nutrition criteria required by the client. I also provided nutrition analysis and professional images. Please contact me to discuss your recipe development project.


Social Media

Engaging audiences through social media is one of the smartest way companies can get extend their reach through the internet. People love learning about food, exercise, and health while sharing their viewpoints through social media. I have received graduate level training in digital technologies and have used the education and my own social media experience to help companies engage with their audience through Twitter chats, Facebook chats, blogs, and more.