Keynotes and Workshops

Speaking Overview

Rebecca has been speaking for over a decade and has built a reputation as an energetic, honest, and inspiring voice of reason when it comes to speaking about health and wellness. Her education in food, nutrition, and exercise, combined with years of experience as a nutrition therapist has taught her that in order to truly help people, you have to understand their challenges and earn their trust. Rebecca’s message, powerful words, and connection with the audience make a lasting impact. She possess the essential ability to motivate people through storytelling and humor while providing them with simple, actionable strategies for self-care.

Most Requested Wellness Themes

All speaking engagements are tailored specifically to meet your needs. Elements from these popular themes can be combined to formulate your perfect event.

#meFirstDedicated employees, parents, and especially moms can struggle with work-life balance. When it comes to their own self-care, it is usually at the bottom of their “to-do list”. People feel selfish for making “me time,” but what they don’t realize is that in order to put their best foot forward with work, family, and life goals, they need to have energy – and that energy does not come out of thin air. Grounded in three focus areas of food, fitness, and fun, audiences learn how to make themselves a priority without guilt.

Nurture PrinciplesThe Nurture Principles are five “mantras” or phrases that empower people to nourish their lives and find wellness within. When it comes to changing lifestyle habits, people don’t lack “willpower”. They lack the understanding of what it takes to change habits. The Nurture Principles help people find their internal motivation to make permanent changes to nutrition, exercise and stress management habits.

View audience testimonials from past keynotes for Bayer’s “Living Fit: It’s a Joint Effort” program featuring Rebecca and Bernie delivering “Nurture Principles”

Leadership Energy: All levels of leaders need the energy to excel at their careers. Long working hours, business travel, and late dinners all compete for the precious 24 hours in the day. Being a successful leader requires physical and mental energy above and beyond a typical 9 to 5 job. The same way nutrition, exercise, and stress management can make an elite level athlete good or great – a leader can be good or great, depending on how they choose to fuel their corporate athlete within. Leadership Energy helps people explore their self-care strengths and weaknesses and create a strategic plan for continuous improvement.

Keynotes and Workshops with Bernie Salazar, MEd: Sometimes two is better than one. Bernie Salazar is best known for his appearance on Season 5 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser. While he took home the honor of “At-Home Winner,” his real prize was changing his habits for good after the cameras stopped rolling. Bernie stands out among former contestants for his sense of humor and desire to “play” and make healthy living fun. Bernie’s message reflects on his journey before, during, and after the show. He worked with Rebecca to establish life-long eating and exercise habits he could live with. They even ran two marathons together as a way to challenge themselves.

Rebecca and Bernie dance with an Allstate employee at Allstate’s “Good Life” corporate wellness day. During a “vitality salad” food demonstration, Rebecca showed how simple, whole food ingredients can be combined for quick and healthy lunches or dinners. Bernie showed her how to add flavor with a homemade vinaigrette. Proving that cooking can be fun and the kids can help, they all danced and shook their booties while shaking up the dressing.

Tailored special events: When you really want to do something special, from a half day event to a week-long retreats, Rebecca can deliver. Content is never the problem. Just imagine what could be.

Take this case study for Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals as an example for what is possible. Bayer desired a comprehensive program to integrate into their “Living with Hemophilia” program. They reached out to Rebecca to brainstorm ideas. The result was a long-term initiative called “Living Fit: It’s a Joint Effort”. The program consisted of nationwide keynotes and workshops that included motivational messages, food demonstrations, a healthy breakfast, group exercise classes families can safely enjoy together, an educational DVD and video series, and several educational print collateral pieces.

Wellness Roadmap

Mindful Eating

Rate Your Plate

De-stress Yourself

Banana Split Smoothie

Vitality Salad Dressing


Besides keynotes and workshops, Rebecca is available as a contractor or consultant.

  • Health Fairs – From speaking to booth appearances, Rebecca can provide interactive education and consultation at your health fair.
  • Food and Culinary Demonstrations – The best way to learn is by doing – and meal preparation is no exception. Multiple recipes can be prepared with volunteers. The audience will get to taste the food, learn culinary skills, and take home recipes.
  • Individual Consultations – Hire a “dietitian for the day” for individual nutrition, exercise, and well-being consultations.
  • Meeting Facilitation – Rebecca can facilitate health and well-being related meeting sessions for your group.

Thought Leadership

Known as “The mother of ‘me’ time,” Rebecca has become a powerful advocate for self-care through her “me first” philosophy. Her years of experience as a nutrition therapist counseling in behavior change has allowed her to study people’s attitudes about making time for eating right, exercise, and reducing stress – three key life-saving habits. Her training in eating psychology has helped her understand what motivates people to make their food choices. Rebecca is “in touch” with consumers values when it comes to their personal health and the health of their family. Let’s talk about these insights and how they might help your business.


For Rebecca, wellness is personal. After dealing with life-threatening family health issues and her own physical health setbacks, Rebecca decided she needed to get real and establish a new mindset for well-being. Believing in her potential has been an essential part of her journey. Starting from learning how to run a mile to eventually logging over 10,000 miles training and competing in dozens of endurance events including 50-miler ultra marathons, Rebecca knows the power of making daily choices that may seem small, yet,  add up to a long-term life-long success.