Digestive Wellness

In order to achieve optimal health, your digestive system needs to function properly. Your body must break down food and absorb nutrients for your health.

Food allergies, such as Celiac disease, food intolerances, IBS, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, gastroparesis and other medical conditions can make it complicated to have a “healthy gut”. If you have already been diagnosed with one of these conditions, I can help you with developing eating plans that will bring you relief and help optimize your gastrointestinal function.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Gluten-free (Celiac disease, Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism)
  • Lactose-free
  • Nut-free
  • Allergen-free
  • Medical nutrition therapy for gastroparesis
  • Gut health restoration – adequate fiber, adequate fermented foods, and/or probiotics

If you are an athlete struggling with any digestive wellness issues, if you are interested in weight management, or if you have an eating disorder, I will be able to help you address these goals within any nutritional requirements for your digestive health.

My approach for everyone is to start with a two-session nutrition assessment. These are 60-minute visits that occur about 2 weeks apart. In the first session, we will discuss your digestive issues, medical diagnoses, and any specific challenges you are having. I will be able to give you some early eating plans, education and goals to work on. You will start working on the changes and keep me posted via e-mail or text on your progress. I’ll provide a nutrition assessment summary in a PDF to you within a few days of our first session. I will also provide additional resources I believe will benefit you, such as recipes, food lists, or additional reading suggestions. At the follow up session, we will discuss your progress toward your goals.

How to schedule your nutrition assessment:
  • Call (202) 375-8942 or e-mail rscritchfield@gmail.com to request an appointment.
  • We will schedule your initial and follow up visits and I will send you new client forms to complete and bring with you to the first session.
  • Office hours are by appointment Monday-Saturday, typically 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday and 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Saturday. Please inquire about Sunday availability.
  • Office location: 5200 27th St NW in Chevy Chase D.C., off Military Road across from Rock Creek Park in a residential neighborhood, 2 miles from Tenleytown, Friendship Heights, and Cleveland Park. Free driveway parking. Metrobus accessible. Fridays I have office hours in Tenleytown conveniently located at the metro. Please request this location when booking your sessions if you require metro.
  • Nutrition Assessments: All new clients begin with a comprehensive nutrition assessment.
    Visit 1: 75 minutes
    Visit 2: 45 minutes (Approximately 1-2 weeks after initial visit. We will discus the follow up at the first session.)

    Fee: $400 due at the first session includes: both nutrition counseling appointments, new client packet, recipes, handouts, behavioral tools, comprehensive nutrition assessment, unlimited e-mail and/or smart phone food, exercise, and mood journal with your dietitian during your assessment.

    Check, cash, credit cards, HSA/FSA cards are accepted. Credit cards, debit cards, FSA cards, and Paypal charges subject to 5% processing fee.
  • Insurance: I am an "out of network" provider for private insurance. I can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement if there is an appropriate medical diagnosis. It is up to you to know the terms for reimbursement and speak to your insurance company prior to the session. I do not participate in Medicare and cannot provide Medicare approved services (renal disease, diabetes). I cannot provide a Medicare "opt out letter" to supplemental insurance at this time.

After the initial assessment is complete, you will have a good idea about how to manage your digestive issues. If you have a challenging condition, you may need additional visits. For example, if we work on FODMAPS, we will likely need at least another 4-5 sessions to complete the elimination and re-introduction phases. Likewise, if you are working through a sports nutrition or weight management issue that involves behavioral changes, we will likely need to meet past the nutrition assessment phase. Follow up sessions are $150 per hour. Depending on the case, we may also work with 30-minute phone or Skype consults between sessions.

Call (202) 375-8942 or e-mail rscritchfield@gmail.com for further questions or to request an appointment.

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