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March is National Nutrition Month and I’m thrilled to share some creative ideas for you to savor the flavor and eat well. The #1 influencer of our food choices is taste. Not surprising. We love delicious food. Here’s of few of my favorite tips on how you can add flavor to food that’s good for you and delicious!

Think Outside the Bowl with General Mills Bell Institute Health and Nutrition

Starting with cereal, which we all know about for breakfast. Cereal can be a smart choice, and offer good-for-you Whole Grains. Look for Whole Grains first on the ingredients list. With a think-outside-the-bowl mentality you can use cereal in so many dishes. Valentines Trail Mix pic_1I used Cheerios in this Nutty Chocolate Trail Mix – a smart snack, just add your favorite nuts and dried fruit and you have a satisfy treat. Looking for something a tad more unique? I used cereal to make a crunchy crust for fish. Fish is good for you, but it can lack flavor. I made this Crunchy, Asian-inspired Baked Fish with ginger and soy and Golden Grahams for a crunchy topping – this is baked, not fried.

fish picNo matter how you take your cereal, keep in mind that cereal can be a key source of vitamins and minerals, it’s cost effective, and you have lots of options in the store now, including gluten free, and whole grain cereals. You can find this recipe at my website

Wonderful Halos

Bowls are a hot trend right now. Basically, you combine a bunch of good for you foods in a bowl, and make it taste delicious. This is a Mandarin Chicken and Quinoa Bowl. You can serve it “deconstructed” so you can see all the colorful parts. This bowl is loaded halo saladwith vegetables, whole grains from the quinoa, black beans which are great for digestive health, and Wonderful halos – a California grown mandarin orange that’s an excellent source of vitamin C, naturally fat and cholesterol free. Halos are seedless and easy to peel and eat for the entire family. Get them as a snack and include them in your meals for a boost of sweet flavor.

Sweet Scarlett’s

If you’re looking for a colorful and refreshing new side dish that will impress people with flavor and color, this Grapefruit and Carrot Salad is it – made with Sweet Scarlett’s, a Texas-grown red sweet scarlettegrapefruit. Compared to other grapefruits, Scarlett’s have a sweeter flavor and more vibrant red color. This salad can come together quickly with already shredded carrots, pumpkin seeds, feta cheese, parsley, and a Moroccan spiced vinaigrette with flavors of cumin, cinnamon and honey. You can make this ahead of time and eat it during your busy day too! You’ll get 100% of vitamin C in half a grapefruit so include them in your snacks or as a something sweet after a meal.

Wonderful Pomegranates

I’m not one to skip dessert. This is Pomegranate Fro Yo made with POM Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice. It’s so easy a 3-year-old can do it. (I know because my daughter helped me.) You combine Greek yogurt, pom fro yobuttermilk, lemon juice and POM wonderful, chill, and then you can freeze it in popsicle molds or run it through an ice cream maker and freeze. POM Wonderful is a little tart in flavor, contains powerful antioxidants, and has zero added sugars and nothing artificial. Perfectly cool with the warmer weather have been enjoying.

Hear it From You

Let us know! What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate with flavor?   Please share below or tweet to@ScritchfieldRD! I’d love to hear them!

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