#MindfulMarch Book Club: The Upside of Stress by Dr. Kelly McGonigal

For my #MindfulMarch challenge, I’m asking everyone to read Upside of Stress by Dr. Kelly McGonigal

Read more about this book and check out Amazon reviews.

Why This Book

Stress is one of the main reasons we feel negative emotions that can lead to overeating, skipping workouts, and trashing our bodies rather than take care of them. (not Body Kindness)

The truth is, we misunderstand stress, and this books helps you see an upside.

  • You’ll learn how you can use mindfulness as a way to identify stress when it’s happening
  • How to reframe stress as energy for something you care about, and
  • How to set yourself up for thriving through stress and bouncing back from bad things when they happen

How Book Club Works

Get the book and read it at your own pace. Post questions and comments on my Facebook page throughout the month. I’ll share insights on the book in my weekly emails during the #MindfulMarch challenge.

Listen to Dr. McGonigal on TED

With over 10 million views, she must be saying something right!

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