Quoted in Washingtonian’s Fit Foodie Blog

If you know me, then you know I love sharing my opinion on things. And don’t get me started on nutrition, wellness, and dieting or you may not get me to shut up! So that’s why I love it when a reporter wants to interview me. I seem to have a knack for turning “a few short questions” into an hour long conversation! I love it when they end the call with “wow, this is really interesting!” That’s how I know I hit that sweet spot of giving practical knowledge.

My lastest phone friend was from the Washingtonian (DC’s top magazine – DCers, you better subscribe). We discussed one of my FAVORITE topics — energy management! Who couldn’t use more energy?! The problem is most of us are going about it the wrong way. We’re hyped up on caffeine instead of health food. Caffeine (as in energy drinks and too much coffee) gives you a false energy. It’s a stimulant to your central nervous system. Many people want to manage their weight so they diet by cutting calories. But you need fuel (that’s energy, people). It’s the quality of the calorie that matters. Put down the RedBull and pick up a red apple (with some peanut butter).

Clip from my Washingtonian interview

If you like where this is going read the full interview here! Thanks Emily! It was FUN chatting with you!


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