Turkey Thursdays and Mens Bathrooms

It’s only my third day in my food management rotations at National Geographic and I have already realized how tiring it is to work in food service. However, going from a desk job to an active job is a welcome change. I admire the people here who are working 12-hour days, day in and day out.  

We’ve had some exciting events, including critter cam (where you can watch live footage of animals in their natural habitat) and filming of Sodexho’s sustainability program. We are a model site for their initiative with all the recycling and composting we do. The trash cans that aren’t for recycleable are labeled with pictures of landfills to make you think before you trash.

In addition to the regular work, I did inventory today. Snore fest.

Here’s a few more fun facts: Every Thursday is Turkey Dinner day in the cafeteria and staff love it! You wouldn’t believe the lines. Also I walked into the mens bathroom today at the same time a board meeting was going on and let’s just say I will read signs from now on. I’m chocking it up to the fact that you have to walk through no less than four doors to get to the restroom, which is right next to the office.  By the fourth door, I’m done with the signs! 

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